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How Do I?
Adopt a Street

To learn more about adopting a street, please click here.

Apply for a driveway, right-of-way or sidewalk permit

All your right of way permitting questions can be answered by clicking here.

Apply to serve as Youth Councilor, Youth Committee Liaison and/or Youth Page

Interested in serving as Youth Councilor, Youth Committee Liaison and/or Youth Page? Click here.

Apply to serve on a Committee or volunteer in a park

Information about a variety of volunteer opportunities, the selection process and a variety of forms can be found by clicking here

Display Art in the Keizer Community Gallery


The Keizer Community Gallery inside of the Keizer Community Center is a large and beautiful space provided as a rotating gallery space.  ANY artist or artist association can display their original work in this space at NO CHARGE by contacting our City Manager, Adam Brown at 503-856-3414 or clicking here

The gallery space includes:

2 separate gallery spaces; the North gallery space which can accommodate up to 40 pieces (size dependent) and the East gallery space which can accommodate up to 20 pieces (size dependent).

Display terms are for 60 days and must be scheduled in advance to allow for review and approval of work to be displayed.

For more information, please click Art Policies

Emerging Artists or Student Artists wishing to display click here.

Apply for a Job with the City of Keizer

To apply for an open position with the City of Keizer see our Employment Process.

To see a listing of the City's Current Openings

Apply for a Parks Matching Grant

Link to rules for applying for Regular Matching Grant
Link to rules for applying for a Youth Matching Grant
Link to Application

Display Sculpture in Keizer

If you are interested in displaying a sculpture in Keizer, please contact our City Manager, Adam Brown at 503-390-3414 or click here

To view the policies related to the display of art, please click here.

Dispose of medical waste

The Keizer Police Department has a medical waste disposal receptacle in their lobby - available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information please click  HERE.

Donate an item to a City Park?

To donate a tree or bench, please contact our Parks and Facilities Division Manager, Robert Johnson. He can be reached at

Enter the Holiday Card Art Contest

Click here to access the submission form.

File a Code Enforcement Complaint or get Code Enforcement Information

Clicking here will take you to our Code Enforcement page where you can find answers to your questions and access the complaint form.

Clicking here will take you to the actual Code Enforcement Complaint form.

File to be a City Council Candidate in the November 5, 2024 Election.

For more information about running for the Mayor or City Council Positions in the November 5, 2024 General Election click here.  

Find a Public Record, Ordinance, Resolution, or Minutes

The City of Keizer is proud to offer a record retrieval system that we hope will  accommodate the needs of all our citizens. This system does not require that anyone download a special "viewer" and it is compatible with all programs.

Stored documents are listed by category. Click on the category (Ordinance, Resolution, Minutes, etc.). When that category is opened, type key words in the 'Search' field at the top and press enter. The next screen will show the items with those words in them. If you are looking for a specific year, press 'Ctrl F' and type the year into that field. The documents will remain unchanged but the YEAR will be highlighted making it easier to scroll through the documents and find what you are looking for. 

When you access the system, you will be asked for a user name and password. Please type public in both fields. Click here  to access the system. 

If you have any questions, please call or email Dawn Wilson, Deputy City Recorder

Find my Neighborhood Association

Visit the Neighborhood Association page by clicking HERE 

Interactive Map - to Find My Neighborhood

Find out about Oregon Property Taxes, City Services and other information

The League of Oregon Cities Open Data Portal has a wealth of information. To access that web page please click here.

Find out when my street will be swept

For information on street sweeping, click here.

Find the Annual Water Report

To view the current year's Annual Drinking Water Quality Report, click here.

Get a Liquor License

Applications for a New Liquor License, a Change of Ownership, and Renewals are available at the Oregon Liquor Control website and must be filled out and reviewed by OLCC prior to submittal to the City of Keizer.

  • The City of Keizer charges $100 for processing a New Liquor License.  When the completed OLCC form and payment are received, a public hearing will be scheduled within 30 days of receipt.  The City’s review includes a background check on the applicants, zoning review by the Community Development Department, and notification to property owners within 200 feet of the proposed establishment. 

  • The City of Keizer charges $75 for an OLCC application for a change in ownership, location, or serving privileges.  When the completed OLCC form and payment are received, a public hearing will be scheduled within 30 days of receipt.  A background check, zoning review, or property owner notification may be conducted, dependent on the requested change. 

  • The City of Keizer charges $35 for the annual review of OLCC licensed establishments within the City.  The OLCC notifies each establishment in January of the requirement to submit the fee to the City of Keizer. 

  • Need more information? Email Melissa Bisset, City Recorder or call 503-856-3412. 

Learn about Peer Court

To learn about Peer Court and access those forms, please click here.

Nominate a person for 'Volunteer of the Quarter'

The applications for nominating a youth or adult for Volunteer of the Quarter are available by clicking here

Participate in a Zoom meeting

Click here

Pay My Water, Sewer and Stormwater Bill

Information on water, sewer and stormwater utility bill payments can be found here.

Plan an Event in Keizer

To access forms and information about planning your event in Keizer, please click here.

Purchase a Custom Fence Picket

To purchase a custom fence picket, please click here:

Report a crime or immediate concern to the Police Department

Emergencies should be reported by calling 9-1-1.  If it is not an emergency, contact Dispatch at 503-390-2000

Report Graffiti

Complete Report Graffiti Form Here.  

Report a Hate and Bias Incident

To report a hate and bias incident, please click here

Report streets in need of repair

To send an email report of the needed repair, please click here.

Report street light outage

To send an email reporting a street light outage, please click here.

Request a Public Record

Click here to access the Public Records Request Form.

Reserve a Park Area or Amphitheatre

Clicking here will take you to the page with all the information and forms needed to reserve a park area or amphitheatre.

Reserve the Event Center

For information on reserving a room at the Event Center, please click here.

Send a message to City Council

To send a message to all the Council members, please click here.

Sign up to receive agendas

Choose which committee, board or commission agendas you wish to receive by clicking here

Submit a Request for a Public Record

For a Police record request click here
For all other record requests, please click here

Volunteer to serve on a committee

Information about a variety of volunteer opportunities, the selection process and a variety of forms can be found by clicking here.

Watch a City Council, Planning Commission or Parks Advisory Board meeting.

Council, Planning Commission and Parks Advisory Board meetings are all televised on K-23 Television or you can watch them on your computer by clicking the KeizerTV logo at the bottom of the website page or clicking here.

Watch an Oral History interview

Click here to see all Oral History interviews.