Youth Matching Grant Program

The City of Keizer, through its City of Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, endeavors to enable and encourage Keizer youth to participate in the volunteer experience through creative projects to improve the quality of the parks system.

A grant funding stream that allows Keizer youth to do projects ranging from maintenance, such as painting, to capital projects, such as benches or picnic tables is established to be either reimbursable or materials purchase grants. Reimbursable grant requests will follow the process in the “Parks Matching Grant Program.” Materials purchase grants will follow the following process:

1.       Each year, the Budget Committee and the City Council will consider the recommendation of the Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board with regard to the total amount to budget for the Parks Youth Grant Program for the upcoming fiscal year. The Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (hereinafter “Board”) will have authority to approve grants each fiscal year up to the amount budgeted. All requested projects must meet the requirements set forth herein.

2.       Each year, the Board will solicit requests from youths up to the age of 18 for projects that will benefit parks in Keizer. To be eligible, the project must qualify under one or more of the following categories:

  • Projects that are listed in the Keizer Parks Master Plan, or;
  • Projects that qualifies as a City of Keizer standard park amenity, or; 
  • Projects that would improve a park or parks in Keizer.

3.       Applicant shall thoroughly research the proposed project. Applicants must complete the Youth Project Fund Plan (Plan) and submit it at least two (2) weeks prior to the next Board meeting in order to be considered at that meeting. The Plan can be submitted via electronic submission, or a hard copy can be hand delivered or mailed, but must be received by the deadline to be considered at the next Board meeting. The Plan must be addressed to the Deputy City Recorder and shall consist of the following information:

Step 1: Detailed description of the project idea or one from a pre-determined list of ideas supplied by the City.
Step 2: Detailed description of the research results describing what it will take to get the project done.
Step 3: Detail the steps to be taken to get the project done.   Some items to consider are: Dates, Times, People involved. The Plan should include a detailed list of all materials to be purchased. Include the following relating to the materials:

  • Company Name
  • Company Location
  • Cost per item
  • Quantity
  • Shipping or delivery costs

Step 4: Identify someone from the Keizer City Council or the City of Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board who has agreed to be the project advisor to ensure that the project does not fall through and creates a layer of accountability.
Step 5: Provide an outside date for staff purchase of the materials. Step 6: Provide a project completion date.
Step 7: Provide a detailed timeline including a project follow-up with Board.

4.       Completed Plans received by the deadline will be considered at the next Board meeting. Applicants (or an authorized representative) must attend the meeting to be eligible, unless the Board votes to waive such appearance.

5.       The Public Works Director or designee shall work with the Applicant to complete a Plan and proposed budget prior to the Plan being considered by the Board. Projects must meet all local, state, and federal laws for parks and recreation facilities to be considered.

6.       The Board will review each proposal and make a determination on the proposal based on the following criteria:

  • Projects that benefit the greatest number of Keizer residents and provide the “best bang for the buck”;
  • Identified need for the project;
  • Likelihood the project can be accomplished on time and on budget;
  • Other projects that have been considered and deferred (see below);
  • Whether the proposed project is identified in the Parks Master Plan;
  • Any other criteria the Board believes are appropriate to consider.

The Board shall give more weight to projects that are identified in the Parks Master Plan.

7.       The Board may approve or deny the proposal, or they may approve it with conditions. The Board may also defer decision on the proposal due to timing of the season or concern that other proposed or deferred projects would not be able to be funded. In such case, the Board may consider the deferred project in the same or next fiscal year. The maximum total grant awards cannot exceed the amount budgeted by the Keizer City Council each fiscal year.

8.       Once a Plan has been approved, a meeting shall be set up between the Applicant and the Public Works Director or designee to explain the process and to determine a timeline for updates on the project. The Applicant shall report to the Public Works Director or designee the progress being made on the project as agreed to at the initial meeting between the Applicant and the Public Works Director or designee. Prior to beginning the project, the Public Works Director must approve the itemized list of materials.

9.       This program is for materials purchase grants only. In this program, the City purchases materials for a project. (Reimbursement grants follow the process in the Matching Grant Program.) For materials purchase grants, the City will purchase the materials directly and supply them to the Applicant. The Applicant must have the Plan approved, will need to complete the project, have the project accepted by the City, and provide detailed expenses reports and appropriate copies of receipts for incidental costs associated with the project to receive reimbursement. If the project involves in-kind contributions, the Applicant must provide copies of invoices and receipts for donated materials, equipment, etc., the number of volunteers, and the number of cumulative volunteer hours. The project is subject to city audit and receipts must be approved by the Finance Director.

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