Parks Advisory Board

The Parks Advisory Board is comprised of seven members who provide input to the City Council on Keizer's public parks, playgrounds and related programs. The Board meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm and consists of nine members each serving a three-year term.

Position Member Park Responsible For Serving Since Term Expires
1 Tanya Hamilton Bob Newton, Ben Miller 2019 12-30-22
2 Mike Pantalone Country Glen, Mike Whittam 2019 12-30-22
3 Dylan Juran Sunset, Claggett Creek 2014 12-30-22
4 Clay Rushton Bair, Willamette Manor 2019 12-30-20
5 David Louden Northview, Meadows 2012 12-30-20
6 Clint Holland Keizer Little League, Hidden Creek 2005 12-30-20
7 Jeff Sargent Northridge, Ryan J. Hill 2019 12-30-21
8 Matt Lawyer Chalmers Jones, Wallace House 2016 12-30-21
9 Wayne Frey Clearlake, Palma Ciea 2017 12-30-21
Roland Herrera, Council Liaison