Report Pollution

Protect our Water – Report Pollution Illegal dumping into storm drain

Modern stormwater systems are made up of storm drains and pipes that are meant to quickly remove runoff and prevent flooding. Due to that design, pollution, litter and harmful chemicals can get swept up and flushed into our rivers and streams or even soak into our groundwater - which is the source of Keizer's drinking water. To protect our valuable water resources, the City of Keizer needs your help!

Please help protect our waters by reporting pollution. Whether it’s accidental or intentional, pollutants such as sediment, paint, car oil, cooking oil, fertilizers, and pesticides that enter the stormwater system, can end up in our local waterways. Pollution also includes some things you may not expect, such as yard clippings and soapy wash water. Anything other than rain going down the storm drain is considered an illicit discharge because it has the potential to harm the water quality of rivers and groundwater. For specific information on what is considered an illicit discharge, please see the City's Stormwater Discharge Ordinance.

To report pollution:

  1. During normal business hours, use our online reporting form or call our Environmental & Technical Division at 503-856-3444
  2. For after-hours emergencies, please call 503-393-1608 to reach our on-call staff report pollution during business hours button

What Happens When I Report Pollution?

When you report pollution, you will remain anonymous accept to City employees who may need to contact you with follow up questions. Once we have received the information a City employee will investigate the issue to stop the spread, investigate the cause and provide outreach if needed. The more information you can provide about the time, location and source of the pollution the better our staff can conduct our investigation and clean up.

Thank you for helping us protect our water from pollution.