Environmental & Technical Division

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The Environmental & Technical Division is responsible for implementing the City's environmental regulatory programs. These programs are primarily focused on protecting water quality in local waterways and groundwater. Protection of these resources are required through the federal Clean Water Act and Safe Drinking Water Act. The Environmental & Technical Division aims to preserve Keizer's natural resources by providing effective and timely resources and programming.

Find out more about our programs that help protect the City of Keizer's valuable natural resources:

Erosion Control Program & Permits

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How to Report Pollution

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How to Prevent Pollution

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Programs, Events & Volunteer Opportunities

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Keizer's Regulatory Requirements

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Your Stormwater Fee Explained

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Division Manager: Keare Blaylock

Phone Number:  503-856-3526

After Hours Emergencies:  503-393-1608 

E-Mail: Keare Blaylock