Erosion Control Program

Erosion Control Program   

In 2007, the City of Keizer was issued an NPDES permit to discharge stormwater to local waterways. The permit is administered by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). The permit requires the City to implement a variety of programs designed to minimize the impact of stormwater on water quality and watershed health. One of the requirements is a Construction Site Runoff Control Program. This program was implemented in 2011 and includes an Erosion Control Ordinance which was adopted by City Council on December 1, 2014. The Ordinance establishes permit requirements for projects that meet certain thresholds. (See table below).   

Projects that do not meet the permit threshold must still comply with the Erosion Control Ordinance 

Update: The City of Keizer has updated our Erosion & Sediment Control Specifications. Starting 12/1/2021, please reference the new design specifications.

Erosion Prevention & Sediment Control Specifications

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Erosion Control Program Overview   

Disturbance Threshold (sq.ft.)  Plan Required  Fee***  
200 – 1,999 – Waterway Adjacent Disturbance*       Small Project Plan (CSPPP-B) None  
2,000 – 9,999       Small Project Plan (CSPPP-B)  $100  
10,000-19,999         Large Project Plan (CSPPP)  $200  
20,000-43,559        Large Project Plan (CSPPP)    $500  
43,560 (1 acre) +        Large Project Plan (CSPPP)  $1000  
Re-Inspection Fee**      N/A   $75  

* Waterway-Adjacent means the disturbance takes place within 50 feet of any waterway. See ordinance language for details.  No fee is assessed on projects until the 2000 sq.ft. threshold is reached.  

** If additional inspections are required due to improper or inadequate implementation of the plan, re-inspection fees will be assessed.  

*** All permits are subject to an annual renewal requirement.