Parks Matching Grant Information

The City of Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board endeavors to create public/private partnerships with local citizens through a “Parks Matching Grant Program” to improve the quality of the parks system. The Board wants to engage motivated residents to get the best ‘bang for the buck’ with the limited resources available.”

  • Award of the grants will be by “weight” with projects on the Master Plan receiving more weight than those not included in the Master Plan.
  • Testimony will be received from applicants with the Board evaluating each application according to the “best bang for the buck” and the benefit to the greatest number of Keizer residents.
  • There will be no minimum or maximum amount (aside from the total available)
  • Firm start and completion dates must be provided by the applicant
  • Funding must be complete by June 30 of the budget year
  • Applications will not be limited to one project
  • Applicants may apply for more than one grant
  • Grants are reimbursement grants. Applicant will need to complete the project, have it accepted by the City, and provide copies of receipts for materials and other costs associated with the project to receive reimbursement.

 To access the form, please click  here.