Amphitheatre & Parks Reservations

The City of Keizer has 19 parks within the city limits, three of which have areas that the public can reserve for birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, sports events, receptions and other similar events. Those areas are as follows: The Chalmers Jones Gazebo, Chalmers Jones Park Grass Area, Claggett Creek Park Covered Area, Grass Area and Sports Field, and the Amphitheatre at Keizer Rapids Park.  

Unless a park area has been reserved, all City of Keizer Parks and Amenities are for public use on a first-come, first-serve basis.    


For questions about Keizer Park reservations or permits call (503) 390-3700 or email (Inquiries are typically replied to within two business days. For emails please check your Spam or Junk folders for replies.)

Staff is available during normal business hours Monday-Friday from 8:00am–5:00pm.    

To check park availability complete the online Park Reservation Inquiry Form or call (503) 390-3700    

Park Area Reservation Information     

The park areas listed below can be reserved year-round. In order to begin the reservation process a   Park Areas Reservation Application  must be completed and submitted along with the associated fees to the City of Keizer at least five business days prior to your event date.

  • Claggett Creek Park Covered Area ~ 1400 block Dearborn Ave NE     
  • Claggett Creek Park Designated Grass Area ~ 1400 block Chemawa Rd NE
  • Chalmers Jones Park Gazebo ~ 930 Chemawa Rd NE     
  • Chalmers Jones Park Designated Grass Area ~ 930 Chemawa Road NE
  • Sports Field at Claggett Creek Park ~ 1400 block Chemawa Rd NE     
  • Claggett Creek Park and Chalmers Jones Park Photographs

Additional information for Chalmers Jones Park ‐ The Splash Fountain by the gazebo operates during the summer from 12pm to 7pm Wednesday‐Sunday on days forecasted 75 degrees or more. It is heavily used by up to 50 kids and parents during those hours and can be very loud. The Splash Fountain cannot be reserved or rented.

Important ‐ Prohibited Unless Permitted for All Park Areas
 Ordinance No. 2018‐791 as amended establishes Keizer Parks Regulations. The following are specifically prohibited in all Park Areas unless expressly permitted in writing by the City:

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages. Cooking with anything other than a barbecue. Use of Generators. Amplified sound. Events with over 50 attendees. Public, Ticketed or Concert Events. Events causing traffic or parking issues. Using City provided electrical services. Projecting any still or moving pictures.

To apply for any of these accommodations, please use an  Application Addendum. A Non‐refundable Permit Application Fee of $63.00 will apply with submittal of the application addendum. This addendum must be submitted along with either the “Park Area Reservation Application” or the “Keizer Rotary Amphitheatre Application/Permit”.  

Amphitheatre Reservation & Permit Information       

The Keizer Rapids Park Amphitheatre located at 1900 Chemawa Road North can be rented year‐round. In order to begin the permitting process the following documents must be completed and submitted along with the associated fees to the City of Keizer.  If your event is estimating attendance over 100 people, or permitting intoxicating beverages, or permitting amplified sound, the application must be submitted 60 days prior to the event date. All other applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event date.

Keizer Rotary Amphitheatre and Keizer Rapids Park Photographs    

Other local parks outside of the Keizer city limits  

River Road Park ~ 3045 River Road N    
Contact: City of Salem - Parks (503) 588-6336

Spong’s Landing ~ Naples St N and 22nd Ave N  
Contact: Marion County Parks and Recreation (503) 588-6261

Willamette Mission Park ~ 10991 Wheatland Rd NE    
Contact: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department  Info: (800) 551-6949  Park: (503) 393-1172

 Other related documents

Noise Ordinance 2004-511
Parks Rules Ordinance 2018-791

For all the latest information on how to recreate safely in our parks please refer to State of Oregon Covid-19 Information