Stormwater Operations Division


Division Manager: Mike Griffin

Office Hours: Monday - Friday (8:00AM - 5:00PM)

Phone Number: 503-856-3551

After Hours Emergencies: 503-393-1608

Mailing Address:
Stormwater Operations Division
PO Box 21000
Keizer, OR 97307

Physical Address:
City of Keizer
930 Chemawa Rd. NE
Keizer, OR 97303

The Stormwater Division operates and maintains 79.6 Miles of Pipe, 89 Underground Injection Control Systems (UICs), 1,141 Manholes, 2,824 Catchbasins, 132 Outfalls and 2.5 miles of Vegetated Stormwater Facilities which can all become clogged by trash, debris, sediment and mud, or other stormwater pollutants.  With our maintenance plan of routinely inspecting, repairing, and cleaning our system we can reduce local flooding, remove pollution carried by stormwater and protect our local streams and rivers.  Our goal is to provide a storm drainage system that is safe, clean and cost-effective.

What’s Happening Around Town”

> Our crew just finished catch basin and manhole inspections

> We are now inspecting our outfalls for illicit discharges and repairs

> Upcoming: Catch basin cleaning and Stormwater line repairs

>  Look for our Big Blue Cleaning truck in your neighborhood

med2011_open_house_019.jpg medCatchbasin__street_level_view.JPG
medP1000020_1.jpg medCLEAN_CB_1.JPG
Before After
medP1000029_1.jpg medCLEAN_MANHOLE.JPG

The Stormwater Operations Division works closely with the Environmental & Technical Division .