Vegetated Stormwater Facilities in Neighborhoods

Vegetated Stormwater Facilities (VSFs) are vegetated spaces that capture stormwater runoff and allow it to soak into the ground as soil and plants filter pollutants. VSF’s mimic the natural water cycle and are excellent tools to reduce flooding, decrease pollution, replenish groundwater supplies and create urban green spaces. VSF’s remove pollutants like heavy metals, chemicals and debris from stormwater before it flows into the stream. You are likely to see these facilities throughout Keizer. Learn more about why they're important & understand some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do about trash in VSF’s?

  • Please consider removing small trash and debris from facilities where feasible.
  • Ensure toys, tools, basketball hoops and vehicles are not stored in the VSF.
  • Concerns about hazardous, bulky or trash build up, please report to Public Works or fill out the Pollution Reporting Form.

What do I do if water is pooling in the street and not going into a VSF?

  • Check to see if there is sediment or leaf litter blocking the openings to the VSF. For small blockages, consider clearing the debris to allow water to flow freely.
  • If standing water is present for more than 24 hours or is a safety hazard, please report the concern to Public Works. 

What can I do about weeds in VSF’s near my house?

  • For weeds or vegetation that are over grown, please report the concern to Public Works. Please do not remove weeds or vegetation. 
  • Is it a weed? Use our Common Weed Guide to find out.

Can I use pesticides or herbicides in VSF’s?

  • No. Do not use any chemical treatment in a VSF. For concerns about noxious or invasive weeds, please report to Public Works. 
  • Use of chemicals such as pesticides in a VSF may result in a fine.

Can I add plants to a VSF?

  • No. The plants in a VSF are chosen based on the City's approved planting requirements. The City selects plants and soil that work best to remove pollutants from stormwater. Any changes, alterations or additions to these facilities may disrupt this function and the growth of these water quality plants. 
  • If you have recommendations about plant selection or design, we encourage you to contact Public Works.

Can I prune grasses, shrubs or trees in a VSF?

  • No. Do not prune plants in a vegetated stormwater facility. If you are concerned about vegetation growth, please report it to Public Works.
  • VSF pruning, weeding and maintenance occurs regularly. If additional maintenance is needed, please advise Public Works. 

Can I remove dead or dying plants?

  • No. Do not remove plants from a vegetated stormwater facility. Some plants will go dormant over the winter. Please do not disrupt their sleep.

Can I add bark or rock to a VSF?

  • No, VSF’s are constructed based on the City's approved planting plans to ensure the best water quality results. Additions to these facilities could cause problems for long term maintenance and may result in a fine.

When should I contact the City?

Please call Public Works or the City Mainline if any of the following situations occur:

  • Spills or pollution in the road or VSF
  • Severe damage to plants or trees
  • Plants or trees need trimming or weeding
  • Standing water lasting for more than 48 hours
  • Damage or vandalism to the facility

Want to learn more? Review our stormwater resource guides:

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