Traffic Safety Unit

medimage002_1.jpg The Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for traffic enforcement, traffic accident investigations and responding to traffic complaints.  The primary goal of traffic enforcement is to make our roadways safer by changing driving behavior.

medimage001_1.jpg Traffic officers specialize in accident investigation, DUI enforcement, drug-impaired recognition and occupant protection.  Traffic officers teach traffic-related courses for the basic and reserve police academies.

Traffic has been identified as a top community concern.  If you have a complaint concerning a traffic-related problem in your neighborhood, please contact the Traffic Safety Unit at 503-856-3508 or complete a Traffic Complaint Form.

medimage004_1.jpg Traffic officers also host child safety seat clinics several times per year and conduct individual inspections by appointment. To schedule an appointment, please contact Sgt Trevor Wenning via e-mail or at 503-856-3508.

Traffic Safety Unit Supervisor

Sgt Trevor Wenning


Traffic Safety Unit Officer

Officer Tyler Wampler