Support Division


The Support Division is supervised by Lieutenant Trevor Wenning. The division is comprised of the Traffic Safety Unit, Records and Evidence Unit and Fleet Services. 

The Support Division’s main task is to provide support to the Patrol Division. Officers from the Support Division receive specialized training and use that training to perform specific tasks in the community and within the police department. 

Traffic Safety Officers, commonly referred to as “Motors” because they ride a police motorcycle, specialize in traffic safety and strive to correct poor driving behaviors through the use of the 3 E’s; Education, Engineering and Enforcement. 

The Records and Evidence Unit provides support by maintaining police records and processing evidence. Records personnel respond to records requests from officers, the District Attorney’s Office, defense attorneys and the public. They are also responsible for state and federal reporting on criminal statistics. Evidence personnel are responsible for the handling and processing of physical and digital evidence which exceeds 100,000 individual items per year. 

Fleet Services keep our vehicles operational by diagnosing mechanical and electrical issues, performing minor repairs and scheduling major services through our vendors. Their efforts are critical to keeping our patrol officers mobile to respond to calls for service. 

In addition, members of the Support Division maintain radio communications, police technology and programs designed to help patrol officers perform their jobs with efficiency and accuracy.