Support Services Unit

Police Support Services includes Police Records, Police Department Reception, Property and Evidence. 

The hub of communications within the Keizer Police Department is the Police Support Services Unit.  This unit is primarily responsible for handling the mass of paperwork generated by Patrol Officers, Detectives, Traffic Safety and other specialty units.  Over 13,000 calls for service and approximately 3,000 traffic citations annually translate into many thousands of associated documents which are organized into case files, copied and routed to other agencies and courts as necessary, entered into regional and national law enforcement databases, filed and archived. 

The Police Support Services Unit receives and routes all incoming telephone calls and greets many visitors daily offering related law enforcement resources and assistance with a variety of police services.  We also offer investigative support to officers and detectives by searching various local, state and federal databases. 

A wide range of statistical information is gathered and compiled by the Police Support Services Unit to provide valuable planning information to city and county administrators, to justify the need for available state and federal law enforcement grant monies and to determine the operational needs of the Police Department and how it can better serve and protect the citizens of Keizer. 

Property and Evidence is another branch of the Police Support Services Unit.  The importance of storing, tracking and protecting the chain of custody of all physical evidence for the purpose of successful criminal prosecution is of paramount importance in law enforcement. 

Paula Collins supervises the Police Support Services Unit which consists of three Police Support Specialists (Police Records) and two Property and Evidence Specialists (Property). The unit works 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday except for holidays. 

Below are some useful links to frequently asked questions received by support staff.  We hope you find them helpful or you may contact us at 503-390-3713. 

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