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  All public streets are located on land that is called "right-of-way".  The right-of-way usually extends beyond the paved area of street and can include sidewalks, driveway approaches and utility lines.  With few exceptions, permits are required from the Public Works Department to perform any construction activity within the right-of-way.  

   Driveway Permits:  A driveway permit is required if you are creating a new driveway, rebuilding or widening an existing driveway or changing the use of an existing driveway (i.e. residential to farm).  Driveways are reviewed for width, proximity to adjacent streets or driveways, slope, material and drainage.  If you?re changing the approach of your driveway to where it meets the right-of-way you will need a driveway permit application or  driveway exemption application  

   Sidewalk Construction:  All sidewalk construction or repair within the public right-of-way requires a sidewalk permit.  Sidewalks are typically located along the edge of right-of-way, with a landscape area between the sidewalk and curb.  Sidewalk location may depend on the location of utilities or other sidewalks on adjacent properties.  Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the abutting property owner.  Please refer to the Sidewalk Ordinance.  

   Right-of-Way Permits:  If the street must be cut or bored (i.e. in order to install a sewer line), a street opening permit is required, and the construction work may only be performed by a licensed contractor.  All excavation or fill within the public right-of-way requires a right-of-way permit and prior approval from the Public Works Department.  Any construction activity which temporarily changes the vehicular or pedestrian traffic flow requires a traffic plan to be included with your  Utility_Work_in the Right of Way  

  Right-of-Way and Driveway/Sidewalk Permit Applications should be filed at the Public Works Department.  Please be sure to include a site plan or detailed map indicating work to be performed.