*New* Payment Portal ~ Utility Billing Website

KEY LINKS for the Payment Portal~

PAYMENTS - New2.png

1.   Click on above YELLOW-BUTTON, click on FIRST TIME USER? REGISTER NOW, enter House/Building Number (don't include street name), Utility Billing Account Number, email address, and password - click on REGISTER

2.   Go to the MY PROFILE tab, scroll-down to VERIFY E-MAIL ADDRESS & click to have email verification sent to you

3.   Open your email from "noreply@merchanttransact.com" and click on Link inside

4.   Return to Payment Portal - Go to MY PROFILE tab, scroll down to ACCOUNT SETTINGS subheader, then click on your Utility Billing Account Number. From here, you can opt for paper and/or electronic billings and/or auto-pay -  click on SUBMIT

AUTO-PAY:  If you sign up for Auto-Pay, payment will be processed ON THE DUE DATE (22nd) of your BI-MONTHLY statement.

Thank you for your time!!