Council Committee Liaisons

City Committees, Boards and Commissions

Keizer Arts Commission

Councilor Ryan

Keizer Audit Committee

Councilor Freeman, and two vacancies 

Keizer Budget Committee

All Council members

Keizer Economic Development Commission

Mayor Clark

Keizer Festivals Advisory Board

Councilor Parsons and Councilor Anderson

Keizer Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Councilor Herrera

Keizer Personnel Policy Committee

Mayor Clark, Councilor Parsons, and Councilor Freeman

Keizer Planning Commission

Councilor Parsons

Keizer Points of Interest Committee

Councilor Herrera

Long Range Planning Task Force

All Council members

Storm Water Advisory Committee

Councilor Caillier, Councilor Freeman, and two vacancies

Traffic Safety/Bikeways/Pedestrian Committee

Councilor Freeman

Volunteer Coordinating Committee

Councilor Freeman

Outside Committees

Claggett Creek Watershed Council

Councilor Anderson

Fire District Quarterly Meetings

Mayor Clark, Council President Koho, and alternating Council member

Keizer Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Councilor Ryan

Keizer Chamber of Commerce – Iris Festival

Councilor Herrera

Mid-Willamette Homelessness Initiative

Mayor Clark, Councilor Freeman

Keizer Heritage Association Board of Directors

Mayor Clark

Marion County Commissioner Breakfast

3 alternating Council members

Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments Board of Directors and Executive Committee

Mayor Clark

Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments Community Development Partnership

Mayor Clark

Mid-Willamette Valley Commission on Transportation (MWACT)

Mayor Clark (vice-chair); Councilor Parsons (alt)

Neighborhood Association Liaisons

WKNA – Councilor Freeman / GGNA – Councilor Herrera

League of Oregon Cities Board of Directors

Mayor Clark

Salem River Crossing Oversight Team

Mayor Clark

Salem Urban Housing and Development


Salem Waste Water Task Force

Councilor Anderson 

SEDCOR Board of Directors

Mayor Clark

Salem Keizer Area Transportation Studies (SKATS)

Mayor Clark (chair and OMPOC representative); Councilor Parsons (alt)