Building Permit FAQ
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When Am I Required To Get A Permit?

Permits are required for any new construction and alterations and additions to existing buildings, including structural, plumbing, mechanical, electrical, manufactured dwelling, boiler, and elevator work.  Separate permits are required for each structure.  However, there are some exceptions to permit requirements. If you aren't sure whether or not you need a permit, call the City of Keizer’s Building Department at (503) 856-3440.

Why Do I Have To Buy A Permit To Build On My Own Property?

Oregon law requires you to obtain permits - even on your own property - to ensure that minimum building standards are met for your own safety and for the safety of future property owners and occupants.

Who Is Responsible For Obtaining Permits?

The property owner or contractor is responsible for obtaining structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and manufactured dwelling setup permits. For electrical work, Oregon law requires that if an electrical contractor performs the work, the contractor is responsible for obtaining the permit. Electrical permits are non-transferable.

How Do Permits Protect My Home?

Permits ensure that a certified inspector inspects the construction project or installation. Inspections help make sure work is done safely and to code. When a county inspector approves work, you can ask questions from an expert and know that the work has been checked for safety violations. This is of particular value to the do-it-yourselfer who doesn't make installations every day. Incorrect installations can result in house fires, flood damage, and/or structural problems.

Permits are designed to help ensure that licensed contractors do the work if the homeowner doesn't handle the job. Only Construction Contractors Board (CCB) licensed contractors, and those who carry a trade license, such as plumbers and electricians, are allowed to legally work in Oregon. The City of Keizer and Marion County Building Inspection issue permits only to contractors who are properly licensed and bonded.

Inspections help ensure that work meets the building code. Inspections not only reveal minor problems that could lead to costly repairs, but also liability and life-safety concerns like structural weaknesses, dangerous wiring, or defective plumbing.

When it comes to selling a house, realtors and lenders may require that any construction work be done with permits to ensure that the house is safe for future occupants. If work is not permitted, instead of closing on your home, you'll have to scramble to catch up with permits and inspections and additional repair work if the installations weren't made to code.

How Do I Obtain A Building Permit?

To get a building permit, you must complete a permit application. Permit applications are available from either the City of Keizer or Marion County Building Inspection.   YOU MUST APPLY FOR BUILDING PERMITS AT THE CITY OF KEIZER’S BUILDING DEPARTMENT with a Marion County permit application.

When you use a licensed contractor, he or she will get the necessary permits. Always request and retain copies for your records.  If you are doing the work yourself, you can call the local building department or use the Internet. Getting a permit is often as easy as downloading a form and sending the application and fee to the local jurisdiction.

Where to apply

Where Do I Get Permits?


Our office is located at Keizer City Hall, 930 Chemawa Road NE, Keizer, Oregon.   Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (closed from 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm). Our phone number is (503) 856-3440 and our fax number is (503) 390-8288.