Billings & Payments ~ Timeline

1. Billings are Due the 22nd, bi-monthly.

2. Past Due Statements- The Utility Billing Division mails reminder statements to customers after the 22nd, and copies the Owners if account is under tenant's name. 

3. Automated Phone Calls- The Utility Billing Division generates automated phone calls about one week BEFORE substantial late fees ("shut off processing fee") are imposed and water services are disconnected. 

Please be sure to keep THIS OFFICE (503-390-8280; updated with a good phone number for you. 

Click HERE for current fee amounts on the List of Common Fees (see pg. 11). Water services may also be interrupted. 

TIME EXTENSIONS for making payments- Please call our office at (503) 390-8280 to request more time to pay. We will place a PROMISE TO PAY on your utility billing account in order to avoid a late fee and an interruption in your service. If promise is not kept, a late fee will be assessed with disconnection of water service.