Trashy Tuesday Litter Clean Up

Join us for our monthly summer litter clean up events to help keep our rivers and streams healthy & clean. 

Trashy Tuesday is a monthly litter clean up program hosted in the summer by the City of Keizer's Environmental & Technical Team. Our goal is to build strong connections with our community while doing something good to protect our environment. We believe that small actions can have large impacts when amplified across our community, so join us to help keep our rivers and streams free from litter.

Trashy Tuesdays will be hosted from 5:30-6:30pm on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from June - September. Locations will vary and will be shared with participants one week prior to the event. volunteers with bagged trash

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We will provide trash bags, pickers, gloves and vests. Volunteers should wear close-toed shoes, weather appropriate clothing and bring water bottles. A water refill station will be provided. See our schedule below.

Trashy Tuesday DatesLocationTime
June 18, 2024Palma Ceia & Sunset Park5:30-6:30pm
July 16, 2024Safeway on River Rd.5:30-6:30pm
Aug. 20, 2024Wallace House Park5:30-6:30pm
Sept. 17, 2024Claggett Creek Park5:30-6:30pm
Oct. 1, 2024Volcanoes Stadium - 18 & Over Event5:30-6:30pm

Other Ways to Be a Steward:

  1. Recycle Right! Recycling is vital to reducing the environmental impact from the materials we use every day. Recycling Right can help reduce unnecessary trips to the landfill and extend the life of recyclable materials. Make sure you're putting the correct materials in your blue bin. Find out exactly what is accepted in your curbside waste, recycling and compost bins by visiting Marion County's website:
  2. Learn about composting at home: 
  3. Want to know where to dispose of other, less common items? Check out Marion County's Online Recycling Guide:
  4. For specific information about curbside programs available to you, visit the website of the Mid-Valley Garbage and Recycling Association.