Streamside Plant Program

Streamside areas are the most valuable protection a stream system has against pollutants and the most valuable protection property owners have against flooding. Replanting streamside buffers with native grasses, flowers, shrubs and trees can not only help beautify properties, but also provide protection from flooding, erosion and enhance native habitats.

The City is excited to offer Keizer Streamside residents the Streamside Plant Program where participants will receive free native plants, planting assistance & maintenance resources.

Project Overview

  • Annually, the City will provide 4-5 streamside property owners with free Oregon native plants to be planted along the streambank.
  • Participants will receive resources for proper planting, invasive species identification and control information, watering recommendations, spacing and site selection for long-term plant health.person at streamside planting trees

Participant Expectations

  • Participants agree to an initial site visit with a City of Keizer staff member.
  • Participants agree to an annual site visit of the planting area for the following 3 years.
  • Participants agree to place plants within a riparian area (along the bank of a waterway).
  • Participants agree to care for the plantings according to the provided maintenance guide, for the following 3 years, until they are well established.

Participant Requirements

  • Participants must live along Claggett Creek with authority to plant along the creek.
  • Participants will choose plants from our Streamside Plant Guide.

If you're interested in participating in 2023, email Jenny Ammon at

Riparian Resources for Participants

Program Partners

We would like to thank these businesses for partnering with the City to make this program a success.

  • Highway Fuel Co. donated mulch for plantings
  • Cascade Farm and Outdoor and Red Brand donated protective wire fencing for plantings
  • Champoeg Nursery (wholesale only) partnered with us for planting and planning