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UPDATED 12-18-2023

In January 2023, the City began the process to develop a strategic plan to guide our organization in delivering services to the community over the next five years.

Over the past year, we’ve heard from hundreds of community members on your priorities, ideas, and suggestions. Your input directly informed the development of our strategic plan. Before we move forward in the process, we want to make sure we got it right! 

Please review the Strategic Plan Goals below and share your thoughts at an upcoming City Council meeting. 

Click here to download the full strategic plan report. 

Click here to download the strategic plan report in Spanish 

We encourage you to share this information with your friends and family and invite them to share their comments as well at an upcoming City Council meeting. 


What are the Keizer Strategic Plan Goals?

Goal One: Safety + Supportive Services

Promote a safe, healthy, and attractive community to preserve the quality of life for all

Goal Two: Transportation + Mobility

Develop and enhance transportation infrastructure to support a safe, mobile, and connected community

Goal Three: Economic Development

Align resources with financial and economic policies to support a thriving local economy

Goal Four: Engaged Community

Improve communications and strengthen relationships within the community and organization to build trust, support decision making, and foster a welcoming community for all

Goal Five: Community Growth

Responsibly plan and invest in community infrastructure and built environment to foster sustainable growth that preserves Keizer’s small-town feel


What is a strategic plan? 


A strategic plan is roadmap to guide the work of the City of Keizer over the next five years. The foundation of a strategic plan is a shared mission, vision, values, and goals to help improve services to our community. Additionally, a strategic plan includes an action plan to implement the goals and promote accountability and transparency as the goals are implemented. The City of Keizer strategic plan will align with community-wide values, needs, and priorities now and into the future. 


Why now? 


Keizer has grown and will only continue to grow in both population and diversity. Also, the world is in a different place post-pandemic. Now is the time to connect with our community and realign our focus as a City to ensure we are creating a future that meets the needs for all. 


Who will be involved? 


Everyone! The City of Keizer is working to engage the community, City Council, and City staff as well as the entire Keizer community, including residents, business and/or property owners, and regional and community-based organizations. To build the framework of our future, we need ALL voices at the table! 


Where are we in the strategic planning process?

We began the strategic planning process in January 2023. Here are a few highlights from the journey:


  • February 2023: Hosted a Strategic Planning Council Workshop to explore strategic plan themes. Hosted a Leadership Team Workshop to inform the community engagement process.
  • March-July 2023: Conducted community engagement to collect community priorities and ideas for the future through a community survey, community interviews, presentations to community groups, events, local newspaper, posters, flyers, and social media.
  • July-August 2023: Using input gathered from community engagement, we developed the strategic plan framework, including the organizational mission, vision, values, and goals.
  • September 2023: Presented draft strategic plan framework to City Council for input and integrated their feedback.
  • October-November 2023: City staff from all departments worked together to refine the mission, vision, values, and goals. Additionally, staff developed supporting actions to advance each goal.
  • December 2023: Invited community to review and share comments on draft strategic plan to ensure resulting goals and objectives align with community priorities. 


What’s next?

The community review period will close on Friday, January 26, 2024. The strategic planning team will integrate feedback and prepare the final draft for City Council to review and adopt for implementation.



Links to documents: 

Draft Strategic Plan 

Strategic Plan Review Survey: is now closed.

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