Strategic Plan

What is a strategic plan? 


A strategic plan is roadmap to guide the work of the City of Keizer over the next five years. The foundation of a strategic plan is a shared mission, vision, values, and goals to help improve services to our community. Additionally, a strategic plan includes an action plan to implement the goals and promote accountability and transparency as the goals are implemented. The City of Keizer strategic plan will align with community-wide values, needs, and priorities now and into the future. 


Why now? 


Keizer has grown and will only continue to grow in both population and diversity. Also, the world is in a different place post-pandemic. Now is the time to connect with our community and realign our focus as a City to ensure we are creating a future that meets the needs for all. 


Who will be involved? 


Everyone! The City of Keizer is working to engage the community, City Council, and City staff as well as the entire Keizer community, including residents, business and/or property owners, and regional and community-based organizations. To build the framework of our future, we need ALL voices at the table! 


How to get involved? 


There will be opportunities to share ideas for the future and feedback on the plan development in-person at local events, City Council meetings, and community focus groups. We also welcome all community members and City staff to share their perspectives and priorities via our online survey:


Are you a community leader and want to support bringing all voices to the table? Download our tool kit below to share project information with your network. Need printed flyers? Contact to arrange flyer pick-up at City Hall. 

Links to documents: 


Fact Sheet 

Spanish Survey

Spanish Fact Sheet

Outreach Tool Kit

Project Goals


  1. Development of a Strategic Plan with a clear mission and five-year vision to guide the City of Keizer. 
  2. Identify the values that will guide the organization in achieving the vision and supporting the mission.
  3. Conduct inclusive community engagement to inform the development of the plan and build support for implementation.
  4. Build a cohesive team amongst the organization and Council that is aligned around the shared five-year goals.

Project Timeline 


Phase 1: Communicate + Engage 

Gather community input on the mission, vision, and values, as well as the needs and dreams for the future. 


Phase 2: Strategic Plan Framework 

Identify the needs and desires of the community based on Phase 1 feedback. Determine the capacity and resources of the City of Keizer staff and service areas. 

Further engage with the community to guide goal creation. 


Phase 3: Goals, Actions, + Indicators

Identify strategic goals and supporting actions for the plan in alignment with the mission, vision, and values. Continue to build awareness around the plan framework. 


Phase 4: Prepare to Launch

Develop a system of accountability and progress reporting for the community. Share the plan and celebrate the launch! Begin the implementation plan.