Volunteer Coordinating Committee

The Volunteer Coordinating Committee  consists of seven individuals, and one non-voting Youth Liaison who are appointed by the City Council. The Committee is staff by a non-voting staff liaison. The Committee reviews volunteer applications for recommendation and appointment to the various boards, commissions and committees throughout the City. The Committee also organizes an annual volunteer awards ceremony to recognize the contributions of the citizens of our community. The Committee meets on the second Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm. Each member serves a two-year term. 

 Position #1: Dawn Reichle Bailon
 Position #2: Corri Falardeau
 Position #3: Jane Herb 
 Position #4: Leslie Risewick
 Position #5: Emerson Carella
 Position #6: Larry Jackson
 Mayor's Appointee: Daisy Hickman
 Shaney Starr: Council Liaison
 Dawn Wilson: Staff Liaison

 OPEN Position - Youth Liaison (non-voting)

 January 2025
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  January 2025
  January 2025
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  January 2025

The concept of volunteerism is not new to the City of Keizer.  In fact, when the City was formed in 1982, volunteerism was considered the foundation from which the City would be developed. Today, literally every facet of the City's operations is supported by a wide variety of volunteers just like you; people who want to get involved in helping our community and each other reach their full potential. 

The very first committee created upon incorporation was the Appointment Commission. Its mission was to coordinate and promote volunteerism through the recruitment of citizens to serve on the various commissions, committees and task forces.  Abolished in 1984, the concept was resurrected by City Council resolution on July 15, 1991, with the creation of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee.  Each member of the Committee is a representative of a council member and serves a two-year term. 

 The Volunteer Coordinating Committee is responsible for: 

  •  Identifying functions and activities where volunteers can help the City; 
  •  Soliciting volunteers for City Commissions, Committees and Task Forces; 
  •  Soliciting volunteers for special projects and activities within the City; 
  •  Matching volunteers to needs within the City; 
  •  Recruitment, interviewing and recommendation of Commission, Committee or Task Force appointments to the Mayor and/or City Council; 
  •  Assisting in the training of volunteers; public relation items pertaining to the individual committees; and recognition of the volunteers for the City.