Patrol Unit

The Patrol Division is the largest of the three divisions in the Keizer Police Department and is comprised of five units: Patrol, K-9, Community Response Unit, Reserve Officer and Cadet. 

Patrol officers work 12-hour shifts on a two-days on/two-days off, three-days on/two-days off shift rotation schedule to provide 24-hour coverage each and every day of the year. The patrol officer’s shift is comprised of two types of patrol time – obligated and non-obligated. Obligated time is spent responding to dispatched or initiated calls for service including the investigation, processing of evidence, arrest, prisoner transport and completion of required police reports. Non-obligated time is routine and strategic business and neighborhood patrols, policing contacts and crime prevention efforts. The optimum non-obligated patrol time for each patrol officer is approximately 30 minutes per hour.  The public is more likely to encounter officers assigned to the Patrol Division than officers from other divisions. Patrol officers are often the first to arrive on the scene of an incident and can greatly influence the outcome of subsequent investigations. 

The Patrol Division maintains public order by responding to and investigating police incidents, detecting and deterring crime through self-initiated activity, providing a visible presence of law enforcement authority in the community and assisting the public with non-criminal matters as appropriate. The primary duty of the Patrol Division is to identify criminal threats to public safety and to mitigate those threats. This is accomplished by responding to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, apprehension of criminals, enforcement of traffic laws, crime prevention through outreach and utilization of effective patrol strategies. 

  Patrol Division Lieutenant  

Lt Tim Hein

  Patrol Team Sergeants  

Sgt Scott Bigler

Sgt Kevin DeMarco

Sgt Travis Ricketts