Design Standards & Construction Specs

The City of Keizer maintains standard specifications, detailed drawings and design standards for construction of public facilities and capital projects. All public improvements are required to conform to these specifications. The Standard Construction Specifications and Design Standards posted here reflect the most recent version of these documents and drawings. It is the user's responsibility to make sure all bids, proposals, plans, and submittals conform to the most recent version at the time the work is bid or approved. The City of Keizer assumes no responsibility for contractors and/or engineers that submit plans based on an outdated version of these documents and drawings.

Design Standards Definitions - Chapter 100
Design Standards - Chapter 1 GENERAL 
Design Standards - Chapter 2 DOCS/FORMS 
Design Standards - Chapter 3 STREETS 

Design Standards - Chapter 400 STORMWATER

Design Standards - Chapter 4 - Appendix A: GSI to MEF Guidance

Design Standards - Chapter 4 - Appendix B: GSI Facility Planting Requirements

Design Standards - Chapter 5 - WATER SYSTEM 
Design Standards - Chapter 6 - SEWER SYSTEM  

Construction Specifications - Chapter 1 GENERAL 
Construction Specifications - Chapter 2 TECHNICAL 
Construction Specifications - Chapter 3 STREETS 
Construction Specifications - Chapter 4 STORM
Construction Specifications - Chapter 5 WATER 
Construction Specifications - Chapter 6 STRUCTURES 

Construction Specifications - Chapter 7 STREET - Please do not use the Chapter 7 Stormwater Details included in this document. Reference the Stormwater Standard Details below.

Standard Details - STREET *Coming Soon

Standard Details - STORMWATER

Standard Details - Erosion Control

Standard Details - WATER