Budget Committee

The Budget Committee is comprised of seven citizen members and the seven members of the City Council. The committee is responsible for reviewing and analyzing the proposed budgets for the City. The committee meets during budget season (April and May) when there may be up to two meetings per week. Members of this committee serve three-year terms.

Position # Name Original Appointment Date Term Expires
1 MARLENE PARSONS 2022 08-31-25
2 MELISSA MARTIN 2020 08-31-25
3 GERARD GRAVELINE 2020 08-31-23
4 HERSCH SANGSTER 2020 08-31-23
5 FRANCISCO SALDIVAR 2020 08-31-23
6 SUSAN LONDON 2021 08-31-24
7 JONATHAN THOMPSON 2015 08-31-24

City Council Members

Mayor Cathy Clark
Councilor Kyle Juran
Councilor Shaney Starr
Councilor Laura Reid
Councilor Soraida Cross
Councilor Robert Husseman
Councilor Dan Kohler