Audit Committee

Purpose: To review and advise the City Council/urban Renewal Agency on all matters related to the audit. Among these will be:

  1. Assuring itself that the auditor selected is both independent and competent
  2. Meeting with the chosen auditor in advance of the audit to recommend the proper scope of the audit.
  3. Examine the control weaknesses discovered during the audit and reported in the audit findings and in the auditor’s management letter.
  4. Satisfy itself that management has taken the appropriate actions to correct any deficiencies discovered during the audit.
  5. Accept other financially related assignments as given by the City Council.

Membership: The Committee shall consist of five voting members: three members of the City Council, two citizen members of the Budget Committee, and a non-voting Youth Liaison. Members will be appointed by the Mayor and announced at a regularly scheduled Council meeting. The Committee will be staffed by a non-voting staff liaison to be appointed by the City Manager.

Term of Office: Each member of the Committee will serve a two-year term.

Term of The Committee: Until dissolved by Council. 

Audit Committee Roster
R93-627/R2013-2312 – Direct Apt by Mayor

Councilor Elizabeth Smith

Position #1 - City Council Representative    

Term expires:  August 2023

Councilor Daniel Kohler

Position #2 – City Council Representative

Term expires:  August 2023

Councilor Shaney Starr

Position #3 – City Council Representative

Term expires: August 2025

Melissa Martin

Position #4 – Budget Committee Citizen Representative

Term expires:  August 2025

Jonathan Thompson

Position #5 – Budget Committee Citizen Representative

Term expires:  August 2024

OPEN Position

Youth Liaison (non-voting)

Term expires: August 2025