Long Range Planning Task Force

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Purpose:  To work with staff in creating a five year planning document for making financial decisions for presentation to the City Council.

  The Task Force shall consist of the seven City Council members, as well as the current seven citizen elector members of the Keizer budget committee.  The Council may appoint a non-voting Youth liaison to the Task Force pursuant to the Council Rules of Procedure.  The Task Force will be staffed by non-voting staff liaisons to be appointed by the City Manager.

  The Task Force Chair shall be the Mayor.

  The Task Force will elect the Vice-Chair at the first meeting.

  The Task Force shall meet as determined by a majority of the members and shall meet as deemed necessary by the Chair.  All meetings of the Task Force shall follow Robert Rules of Order Newly Revised and the Oregon Public Meeting Laws.

  It is the duty of each member to attend at least 75% of the meetings each calendar year.  When a member is unable to attend a meeting, the member shall notify the Chair.  Members of the Task Force may be removed by a two-third majority vote of the City Council.

  This Task Force shall be dissolved upon resolution by the City Council. 

Resolution 2023-3420 for this committee

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