Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC)

Executive Oregon 20-04

What are Climate Friendly & Equitable Communities?

Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) Rules were adopted by the Oregon Legislature in July 2022. As part of these new rules, local governments are required to study, identify, and designate "climate friendly areas" to help provide local residents with more housing and transportation choices while also meeting Oregon’s Climate Pollution Reduction Targets for 2050. These rules require some cities to update their transportation and land use plans and development codes to accommodate walkable, mixed-use development.

Walkable Mixed-Use Areas

The City of Keizer is beginning to study potential locations for walkable, mixed-use areas. Walkable, mixed-use areas are envisioned as neighborhood centers where people can meet most of their daily needs without relying on a car.

Key elements of a walkable, mixed-use area include:

•         Opportunities for increased development where people can live, work, shop, and play.

•         Improvements that make it easier and safer for people to walk, bike, and take transit to their destinations.

•         Strategies to avoid or minimize displacement and preserve and increase affordable housing options.

•         Reduced off-street parking to free up land for housing and other services.

Keizer is currently studying locations that build off the Keizer Revitalization Plan and the River-Cherry Overlay District. Those plans identified three areas that may be good places for walkable, mixed-use areas: Lockhaven, Chemawa, and Cherry Centers.  


  • Presentation by Keizer's Planning Director Shane Witham: Presented to Keizer Community Diversity Engagement Committee March 2, 2023

  • Virtual Public Meeting - February 23, 2023:  Learn about new State rules that aim to promote walkable, mixed-use areas in Salem and Keizer by watching a recording of the February 23, 2023, virtual public meeting. Staff from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development explain the new Climate Friendly and Equitable Communities (CFEC) rules and describe what walkable, mixed-use areas are. Planners from the cities of Salem and Keizer discuss how the rules will be implemented in our communities. 
  • Recording of virtual meeting on Walkable, Mixed-Use Areas (February 23, 2023)
  • Presentation slides from virtual meeting on Walkable, Mixed-Use Areas