Volunteer of the Quarter Nomination

Each quarter the City of Keizer recognizes an individual or group of individuals for their contributions to the community. This award is designed to recognize the achievement and to encourage actions that enhance the city of Keizer, the community and the lives of our citizens. Process for Award of Nomination:

  1. A written nomination form is submitted to the Keizer City Recorder,  P.O. Box 21000, Keizer, Oregon or submitted by clicking the submit button on this form.
  2. Additional letters of support, supplementary information such as pictures, news stories, biographical information, or other materials that show the project or contribution of the nominee may be included.
  3. The nomination will be reviewed and decided by the Volunteer Coordinating Committee. The nominator may be requested to attend a meeting of the committee to answer questions and explain the nomination in further detail.
  4. The award will then be presented at a regular meeting of the Keizer City Council.
Send additional attachments to Dawn Wilson: wilsond@keizer.org