Comprehensive Map Amendments

Comprehensive Map Amendments
Comprehensive Plan Change / Zone Change /Lot Line Adjustment Case No. 2014-11 REMAND
4800 and 4900 Verda Ln NE
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On October 6, 2014 the City Council denied the proposal etter-spacing: -0.1pt;">to re-designate the Comprehensive Plan map to Medium and High Density Residential and rezone the property to Medium Density Residential (RM).  A concurrent request for a Lot Line Adjustment to consolidate the existing 14 lots into one large lot etter-spacing: -0.15pt;">was approved.  The applicant appealed the City’s decision to the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).  The city and the applicant entered into a Stipulated Motion for Remand which will allow the proposal to  be brought back to the city for reconsideration.   The applicant’s revised plan includes a reduction in the number of dwelling units from 120 to 112; seeks to minimize impacts through the use of landscaping and buffering, varying building heights and orientation and building design; and includes a traffic impact analysis addressing traffic impacts.

Record to remain open to August 1, 2016 (any submittal taken).

Public opportunity to respond until August 29, 2016 (no rebuttal).

Rebuttal with no evidence until September 6, 2016 (no public comments).

Council meeting on September 19, 2016 to consider the matter (not a public hearing).

120 day period is extended to November 15, 2016

Proposed Site Plan
Applicant's Written Statement
Transportation Planning Rule Analysis
Notice of Public Hearing - June 20, 2016
Staff Report with Exhibits to City Council - June 2016

Additional Exhibits submitted to City Council for June 20, 2016 meeting:

Additional Exhibits submitted after June 20, 2016 and prior to August 1, 2016:

Additional Exhibits submitted after August 1, 2016 and August 29, 2016:

Applicants Final Rebuttal dated September 6, 2016:

Staff Report with Exhibits to City Council - September 2016

Final Council Order Dated October 17, 2016

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