Greater Gubser Neighborhood Association

Greater Gubser Neighborhood Association
Where: Keizer Community Center
When: 7:00 - Second Tuesday of every month

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Boundaries following the Gubser Elementary School attendance boundary.  Roughly outlined by River Road, Country Glen Ave NE and Lake Labish Creek (Ditch) on the north; the Keizer City Limits on the east; the south side of Kinglet Way NE, Perry St NE, Lucinda Ave NE, and Chemawa Road NE on the south; and Claggett Creek and River Road NE on the west.  The area encompasses over 2,500 households.

Board Members

Every year at our November meeting, the Greater Gubser Neighborhood Association holds an election for the following year's board members. Our board has 8 positions, and so far there are 6 neighbors who have expressed interest in serving next year. There are currently vacancies for Treasurer and a Board member

What value is there in serving as a board member? Most importantly, it is one of many ways to give back to the community, and particularly our neighborhood. In addition, being a board member is a great opportunity to develop leadership skills and meet other leaders in our community. In fact, we have a new leadership training program planned for next year that is certain to benefit each individual board member, as well as the entire association.

If you are interested in helping guide the neighborhood association as a new board member, please email by clicking here.

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