Development Charges

  The Development Services Section of the Public Works Departments deals with issues relating to building and construction projects within the city and your public infrastructure system.  

  Part of this section's services involves the sale of permits and services for connection to the City's water and storm water system.  This would include water meters to connect to the water system, plan reviews to make sure water lines and sewer lines are properly spaced to avoid contamination, and ensuring that improvements as well as new streets are being constructed to quality standards.  Currently sewer permit services are offered through the City of Salem.  

 This section also collects Water and Parks System Development Charges (SDC's) required for all new construction within the City.  These SDC's are fees endorsed by the City Council and used to offset costs for new water, storm, and sewer to accommodate increased population. 

  If you need help with SDC's for your new construction project, please feel free to contact our Public Works Department at 503-856-3561 for more information and fee schedules.