Lunch and Learn Educational Series

Join our online Lunch and Learn series as we invite experts from around the area to share their knowledge!

Native Plantings in your Place with Marion SWCD

Have you wondered how to incorporate native species into your yard, container gardens, or property? Sarah Hamilton with Marion SWCD will introduce you to plants that will attract pollinators, require little water after being established, and add diversity and visual interest to your space. Sarah Hamilton is a Native and Invasive Plant Specialist with the Marion SWCD, where she works with landowners to develop conservation projects, improve or create wildlife and pollinator habitat, and answer questions about native and invasive plants. She is passionate about restoration and PNW native plants.

Watch the Zoom Recording Here.

Urban Beavers & Water Quality with City of Gresham

Our waterbodies are homes to many wildlife species and many of them create interesting urban issues. Beavers are a natural inhabitant of Pacific Northwest streams and create complex ecosystems as a keystone species. These large rodents have also created some opportunities for municipalities and neighbors to work alongside nature vs. fighting nature. Katie Holzer, Gresham’s Watershed Scientist will highlight her work along urban streams dealing with beaver and neighbors to come to fruitful paths forward for both species. Bring your beaver questions to this Lunch & Learn!

Watch the recording here:

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