Short Term Goals

Charter Review

  • Create Charter Review Committee
  • Revise Section 44 of Charter
  • Overall Updates to Charter
  • May 2020 Ballot – Fall back date November 2020

Urban Growth Boundary

  • Completion of Studies and Recommendations
  • Continue Community Engagement

Community Outreach

  • Community Makeup – demographics and diversity
  • Scorecard of the changes made and their effectiveness
  • Recruitment and Training for Volunteers
  • Youth Engagement

Begin Parks Master Plan Update

  • Engage Youth Sports Groups in Process

Youth Councilor Program

  • Increase recruitment – private and home school
  • Revisit experience – what do they want out of experience

City Staffing and Levels of Service

  • Current Services
  • Demand for Services
  • Unfunded Mandates/Available Funding
  • Staff Diversity

Long Term Goals

City Staffing/Level of Service

  • Strategic Plan

Urban Growth Boundary

  • Determine Direction after Short Term Studies

Transportation Systems Plan Update

Complete Parks Master Plan Update