Environmental Volunteer Opportunities

Litter Clean Up or Adopt-A-Street

Protect our waterways from litter by joining a Litter Clean Up Event!

group of young people with trash bags

Storm Drain Marking   

Help protect water quality by installing “Storm Drain Markers” on storm drains around Keizer. Storm Drain Markers let residents know that they should not dump anything into storm drains because they lead to our local waterways.  

man placing storm drain marker on curb

Invasive Weed Removal    

Help remove invasive weeds at one of Keizer's many parks, vegetated stormwater facilities, or watershed restoration areas. 

volunteers weeding rain garden

Grab a few of your friends, classmates, co-workers, or neighbors and contact:  

Jenny Ammon at 503-856-3447 or via e-mail to schedule your project.