Outreach and Education

Public Outreach and Education

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability the City of Keizer provides public education and outreach throughout the City. Find out more about our efforts by reading our Draft 5-year Public Education Plan. Please submit comments to our Education Coordinator, Kaileigh Westermann-Lewis.

Our team is proud to offer exceptional educational services to our community. Below is a list of some of the services we offer:lg20151001_112914_1.jpg

  • Natural resources based field trips to local watershed areas.
  • Classroom activities for younger kids on watershed education and pollutant prevention.
  • Demo's of Public Works Operations equipment capabilities.
  • Water quality testing/monitoring learning tools.
  • Riparian enhancement and bank stabilization information.
  • Presentations to developers, builders, landscapers, and professional organizations on Stormwater management, LID and green street infrastructure.
  • Erosion Control methods and Best Management Practices.


For information or to schedule an event contact:

City of Keizer Public Works - Environmental & Technical Division at 503-856-3444 or email: Kaileigh Westermann-Lewis