Festivals Advisory Board

Committee dissolved 12-16-19

Purpose: The Committee will serve in an advisory capacity to the City of Keizer to research the feasibility for developing venues for events and festivals, to streamline policies and ordinances to allow a “one-stop shop” for all future event promoters, to identify and research options for development of a community calendar, and to develop a marketing plan and strategy to enhance the use of Keizer-area facilities for events, festivals, conferences, and other travel/visitor services.

Membership: The Committee will consist of seven (7) voting members: Two (2) members shall be Keizer City Councilors to be appointed by the Mayor, one (1) representative from the Chamber of Commerce to be appointed by the Chamber Board of Directors, one (1) representative from the Keizer Parks Board to be appointed by the Keizer Parks Board, and three (3) citizen-at-large members.  If possible, at least one (1) of the citizen-at-large members shall be a representative from sports and/or recreation organizations and one (1) of the citizen-at-large members shall be representatives from the hospitality/tourism/event professionals community.  The three (3) citizen-at-large members shall be appointed as outlined by the City Council Rules of Procedure.  The Committee will be staffed by a staff liaison to be appointed by the City Manager.

Meetings: The committee meets quarterly beginning in January on the fourth Monday of January, April, July and October at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at the Civic Center.