Economic Development Commission

Committee Member Serving Since Term Expires
Bob Shackelford 9-2014 9-2019
A.J. Nash 9-2014 9-2019
Carlos Soto 9-2014 9-2019
Scott White 9-2014 9-2017
Troy Young 9-2014 9-2017
Cathy Clark 9-2014 9-2017
Cesar Vallejo 9-2014 9-2018
Mardi Smith 9-2014 9-2018
Rick Day 9-2014 9-2018

The Commission meets quarterly beginning in February of each year. (February, May, August and November) at noon in the Council Chambers.

Purpose: The Commission will serve in an advisory capacity to the City Council/Urban Renewal Agency.  The Commission will provide strategic planning recommendations regarding the economic development of the City in order to:

  • Establish a network of communications between resources and talents within the City,

  • Identify, address, and use the resources and talents of the community in the pursuit of job creation and retention,

  • Create outreach efforts to target-industries,and local businesses

  • Create development incentives,

  • Remedy regulatory barriers to jobs.

    The Commission may also advise the City Council on such things as recommendations on cost/benefit analysis of Growth Boundary issues pertaining to employment lands, and to make recommendations to the City Council on the disposition of assets from the perspective of job creation/retention.  The Commission will make an annual report to the City Council on the status of their efforts and anticipated work.  The Commission will evaluate the effectiveness of past efforts and make recommendations to City Council regarding the continuation or implementation of the actions and make recommendations to appropriate governing bodies on how to address and influence the creation and/or retention of jobs.  The Commission will schedule an annual Economic Development Asset field evaluation to become familiar with the physical attributes of properties, vacant buildings and redevelopment potentials with the City Council.

Membership: The Commission will consist of nine (9) voting members: One (1) member shall be Keizer City Councilor to be appointed by the Mayor and announced at a regularly scheduled Council meeting, two (2) representatives from the Keizer Chamber of Commerce appointed by the Chamber, and six (6) citizen-at-large members, however it is recommended that the citizen-at-large members have a diverse perspective and skill-set drawing upon such talents as: Commercial Real Estate Profession Member; Design Profession Member (Architect, Landscape Architect); Development Profession Member (ie. Keizer Station, Assisted Living, Medical Facility Developer); and, Banking/Finance Profession Member.  The initial membership of the Commission shall be appointed by the Council at a regularly scheduled Council meeting.  After the initial appointment, the six (6) citizen-at-large members shall be appointed as outlined by the City Council Rules of Procedure.  The Commission will be staffed by non-voting staff liaisons to be appointed by the City Manager.

Meetings: The Commission will meet quarterly on the second Tuesday of each month beginning in February at noon in the Council Chambers (February, May, August, November).