Earth Day Virtual Guided Hike

Celebrate Earth Day with a virtually guided tour through Keizer Rapids Park! 

April 22nd - April 30th* Starting at the KRP Boat Launch

*during park hours

Earth Day Virtual Hike

While we are not able to provide you an in person Earth Day event, we are offering you the next best thing! Walk through Keizer Rapids Park with your virtual tour guide.

This hike begins at the Keizer Rapids Park Boat Launch and is a 0.5 mile loop with 15 checkpoints along the way. Using your smartphone, scan the QR code to pull up the virtual tour webpage and scroll to each checkpoint as you walk. You can listen to the audio or read the description to learn more about each natural feature of the park.

We hope you take this opportunity to get outside and learn a little bit about our beautiful outdoor spaces. And don't forget to take a special photo finish at the end of the hike!

Click here to access the virtual tour.