Criminal Investigations Unit

The Criminal Investigations Division provides investigative services, primarily on cases that involve more extensive follow-up and require either specialized training or additional resources.  The detectives are able to dedicate specific and focused time to interviewing multiple suspects, witnesses and victims.

The Detective Unit also assists local area law enforcement agencies as members of the Marion County Homicide and Assault Response Team (HART), Child Abuse Review Team (CART), and the Threat Assessment Team (TAT).

  • HART investigates homicides, major assaults, and officer-involved shootings in Marion County, and is comprised of law enforcement agencies in Marion County, the Marion County District Attorney's Office, the Oregon State Police and the state’s Medical Examiner’s Office.
  • CART is an intra-agency, multidisciplinary team that deals primarily with sex offenses against children. The major participants are DHS Child Welfare, Liberty House, the District Attorney’s Office and various law enforcement agencies.
  • TAT monitors and manages ongoing situations involving continuing domestic abuse, threats against public officials, and stalking. These cases are generally worked through social services agencies and the court system, but it is sometimes necessary for the team to step in. Participants include the Salem-Keizer Public School District, Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Salem Police Department, Keizer Police Department, Victim’s Assistance, Willamette Education Services District, Marion County Courts, Marion County Parole and Probation, Oregon State Police, and the Marion County District Attorney’s Office.

Criminal Investigations Division Staff

Lt Chris Nelson

Det Arsen Avetisyan

Det Ben Howden

Det Tim Lathrop

Det Andy Phelps

Crime Analyst Cara Steele