City Manager Updates

Here’s your weekly update for this week ending 11/20/20.

Public Works Department:

  • The City Hall lobby remodel is progressing with framing now complete and sheetrock being put in place.  Glass is ordered and the project is on target to be completed prior to December 30.


  • League of Oregon Cities Statewide Disaster Conference Call:

Governor’s Office:  COVID cases are continuing to climb to record numbers.  The freeze is now in effect.  Specifically excludes local governments.  Another $55M in business assistance from Governor’s Office will be made available for businesses that are struggling due to lockdowns becoming available to be applied for early next week.  These funds will be allocated to counties and the county governments will develop criteria for distribution.  Business Oregon will be making additional funding as well.  Please review OHA or the Governor’s Office for the specific restrictions lined out in the 2-week freeze.  A number of questions were asked of the speaker from the Governor’s office regarding what data was being used to justify restrictions regarding restaurants and gyms as outbreak numbers don’t appear to show risk. 

Business Oregon:  Businesses are the engines to our economy and they are hurting.  Business Oregon launched a grant program yesterday to help businesses with $20M of funding from the Oregon Legislature from Federal CRS money.  The application process was opened at 3PM yesterday and it was only open for 26-minutes after having received $106M worth of aid requests.  This was round-5 funding so there were far fewer strings attached to allow more businesses to become available to even those who have received some federal funding previously. 

Oregon Health Authority:  It’s been a difficult couple of weeks with passing the threshold of over 800-dealths from COVID19 now.  We have climbed to over 12% positivity rate across the state from testing, which shows a large amount of disease present in the population.  People are reluctant to be tested right now or to share information with the Health department because they don’t want to be the person that shuts down a school or workplace.  This is a struggle that the State is going to have to simply work through.  Holiday messaging is that we need to not gather for the holidays. 

Oregon Emergency Management:  OEM is working with the Federal Government on developing an efficient COVID19 vaccine distribution plan as it appears one or more effective vaccines will become available prior to the end of the year.  Phase-2 “Ash and Trash” of the wildfire cleanup (including commercial properties) will be paid for by the State of Oregon. 

National League of Cities:  Discussions are underway in the legislature to develop an interim funding package and avoid a government shutdown.  It is unlikely that any new COVID relief funding packages will be settled prior to a new administration being seated.

League of Oregon Cities Advocacy:  Get your CRS funding direct allocations spent down now!  Possibility of another special session of the Oregon Legislature prior to the end of the year regarding funding allocations and wildfire recovery discussions.  LOC is still planning on having City Day on January 28th to meet with your legislators.  It will be conducted remotely this year.      

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