City Manager Updates

Update for the week ending 7/23/21:

POLICE: Attached is a photograph of Officer Anderson and Daryl Gibson (also known as Dartanian). Mr. Gibson has been homeless for several years and most, if not all, of our officers know him. Mr. Gibson, when he is not intoxicated, is very interesting to talk with and knows a ton about working with concrete. We usually have contact with Mr. Gibson weekly for various reasons. We have offered him opportunities for permanent housing and he refuses every time. Approximately six months ago, Mr. Gibson disappeared and no one in the local law enforcement community knew where he went or had contact with him. Approximately three to four weeks ago Mr. Gibson came back to town and Officer Anderson noticed he was not able to walk very well. Mr. Gibson, before disappearing, rode a bike everywhere he went. Since being back in town he did not have a bike. He told us one of the last bikes he had was stolen while he was inside 7-Eleven. Officer Anderson worked with The Northwest Hub to get a bike, a bike light, and a lock donated to Mr. Gibson. Officer Anderson delivered the bike and accessories to Mr. Gibson on Thursday afternoon.

To learn more about The Northwest Hub go to their website

Building Permits

  • Chick-Fil-A permits are still at Marion County. The applicant needs to provide information to Marion County in order for the plan review to continue.  Once Marion County has completed their review, the city will conduct its review and subsequently issue the permits. 
  • A new 13 lot subdivision off of Bair Rd is under construction – 4 dwelling permits have been issued and 3 are ready to issue awaiting fees from the applicant. 
  • Marion County Building Department has been inundated with new permits for the communities affected by the Canyon Fires last September, in addition to the busy summer permit season.  They have sourced third party reviewers to assist with completing plans reviews to keep projects moving forward but there has been some impacts to turnaround times.

Code Enforcement

  • We have been very busy with complaints regarding tall grass and weeds and tree maintenance, as well as everything else 😊 – it is summer time and people are out enjoying the sunshine. 
  • We are currently working on two properties for abatement; however, costs and/or reaching homeowners have presented some challenges.  Staff continues to look for solutions.
  • There have been several questions and concerns regarding trees damaged by the ice storm.  Public Works did an excellent job of identifying and taking care of many of the dangerous trees immediately after the storm, however, there are quite of few privately owned trees that are raising concerns for neighbors.  Homeowner have generally been receptive, but it is challenging to find tree companies that are not 2 months or more out on their calendar.  Most of the concerns we are fielding involve trees that affect neighboring properties but are not actual City ordinance violations.  As such, we find ourselves in the position of playing mediator.  We are encouraging citizens to reach out to their neighbors, and if necessary, contact Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation (503-585-0651) to resolve the issues. 
  • Ben continues to monitor 15-20 locations for homeless encampments on a weekly basis and has done a good job of connecting individuals experiencing homelessness to resources whenever possible.  With the recent “sweeps” performed by Salem and ODOT, both Ben and the PD are monitoring activities closely. 


  • A public hearing was held on Wednesday night (7/21) for a new 14-lot subdivision proposed on Tepper Lane.  This included a minor variance request for two of the lots for lot depth standards.  No objections were received and the developer has agreed to provide a fence on the perimeter of the subdivision in response to neighborhood concerns expressed. 
  • A minor variance has been granted to the allowed building height for a proposed 11-unit apartment complex on Pleasant View Drive. (an increase from 35 feet allowed to 38.5 feet proposed)
  • We are processing a partition request for a 2-lot partition on 8th Street which is taking advantage of efficiency measures created by the River-Cherry Overlay District (RCOD).
  • A property line adjustment has been requested for property on Shady Lane.
  • A new variance request was received to slightly reduce the required side yard setbacks for a proposed 8-unit apartment complex located on Clearview Av (within the RCOD)
  • A new 4-lot subdivision application was received for property on Dearborn Avenue within the RCOD which will take advantage of reduced lot size allowances. 
  • We have not received official confirmation yet, but it is very promising that we will be awarded a “planning assistance grant” to complete updates to the Development Code required to implement HB2001 (Middle Housing) very soon.  This work will be a significant endeavor of the Planning Commission in the following months, as adoption of changes must occur no later than June 2022.  The planning assistance will provide consultant support to City Staff to draft language for implementation.

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