City Manager Updates

Here’s your weekly update for the week ending 2/12/21

Police Department:

  • Crime Analysis was provided a grant to attend a DDACTS (Data-Driven Approached to Crime and Traffic Safety) training in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Approximately 20 analysts and law enforcement officers from across the country learned how to combine location-based crime and traffic crash data to deploy police resources more effectively. DDACTS reinforces the POPS (problem-oriented policing) philosophy that was brought to Keizer Police Department by Chief Teague.  Keizer Police continues to employ strategies and problem-solving techniques that are ahead of traditional policing strategies.  

Public Works Department:

Parks & Facilities Division:

  • The consultant for the Master Plan update is working on scheduling meetings with the neighborhood associations to gather input from them. They will also be meeting with the Parks Board in a special meeting to gather their input.
  • The City Hall remodel project is close to completion. The two unacceptable glass panels have been replaced and the programming of the new exhaust fan to the HVAC system was scheduled for today, but the weather has altered those plans.

Environmental & Technical Division:

  • The annual Erosion Control Summit was held virtually on Tuesday January 26th and had 110 attendees. There is ongoing discussion about holding this virtually next year.

Street/Stormwater Operations Division:

  • A virtual open house for the Wheatland Road Multi Modal Corridor study is going live today. We will be posting this on Facebook and the web site. This is the first of the planned open houses for the project. The consultant will also be reaching out to various stakeholders to gather input from them.  See Open House Flyer.
  • Survey work for the Verda Lane improvement project is ongoing. City Staff has assisted ODOT staff by providing traffic control when needed for the survey crew.
  • The contact for the placement of the reflective pavement markers has been signed and the contractor is waiting for the weather to improve so they can complete the work.

Water Division:

  • The annual water main flushing program will begin on Sunday March 14th. We will have a crew working nights for approximately 6 weeks to accomplish the program. Due to COVID we did not perform this program last year so we anticipate it might take a little longer than normal to complete the program.


League of Oregon Cities Weekly Statewide Conference Call:

  • Governor’s Office:  Not a lot to report other than there are a number of counties that have moved down a risk level with COVID19 case counts continuing to decline, though there is still concern about the impact of the COVID variants as they emerge.  Impact sports have been given the go ahead to start up again and there are additional opportunities for in-person school reopening.  Also, university sports can now submit plans for reopening play.  Vaccinations are moving forward.  Still some problems with seniors 80+ with navigating the technology to sign up.  Things are looking positive for more re-openings and county movement next week.  There is some concern regarding resurgence as we reduce restrictions but we’ll play that as we go.

  • Oregon Health Authority:  Lots of positive outcomes with cases and positivity going down.  One concern is that there isn’t enough testing occurring but OHA believes there is enough to catch trends and positivity rates.  People still need to be vigilant but the vaccine is coming and Oregon is part of a national trend that is showing the disease trending down everywhere at the moment.  We have more vaccines coming into Oregon through the federal system, which is good and they are heading to local pharmacies, which will help with distribution capacity.    

  • Oregon Emergency Management:  Emergency coordination center is still activated to support the vaccination effort.  Asking for federal help with getting enough personnel to better get vaccinations delivered throughout the state.  Watching for severe winter weather and ready to help with any issues.  Looking for another round of snow and ice this evening through tomorrow...more ice than snow in the Valley.  Will be translating a number of recovery documents and forms into Spanish.    

  • National League of Cities:  House Oversite Committee markup of the COVID aid package that would include state and local relief funds is happening right now.  There is hope that this package will make it through the process.  If it passes as it exists, there would be $2.8B coming to Oregon with about $1.2B to cities with no deadline to spend them down and would allow reclaiming of lost revenue. 

  • League of Oregon Cities Advocacy:  Next week there will be three bills that will modify the State’s recycling system significantly.  Supporting budget bill for DLCD that includes funding for technical assistance grants for cities to perform scenario planning for Governor’s new carbon emissions reduction requirements.  Also, there will be $240M of additional federal assistance coming to Oregon to help specifically with rental assistance.  House Rules will be considering three open records bills that would relate to information including Police disciplinary issues, requiring a 50% discount on fees for journalists, and allowing journalists into areas previously declared and restricted during emergency events.  All of these bills and others are available on the LOC website and in the bulletin. 

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