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About Boards & Commissions


More than 50 citizens serve on these advisory bodies and make a tremendously valuable contribution to the effective provision of responsive services to the community.


The City Council also has created a number of project-specific citizen task forces to study particular issues of importance to the community and to make policy recommendations to the Council. Recent task forces include the Library Task Force, the Regional Intergovernmental Visions Enhancing River Resources (RIVERR) Task Force and the Transportation System Development Charge Task Force.


 All meetings are open to the public. For agenda information or additional information please contact City Hall at 503-390-3700 or contact Boards & Commissions.


Upon request, auxiliary aids and/or special services for those with disabilities will be provided for these meetings. To request services, please contact us at 503-390-3700 or through Oregon Relay 1-800-735-2900 at least two working days (48 hours) in advance




  1. Announcements for vacancies that occur on any City Council Committees shall be distributed to the media, posted on the City's web page and at City Hall.  Announcements will contain the name of the committee, a brief description of the duties of the committee, the date of time of the committee meetings, the number of vacancies that are available, and the closing date to submit a volunteer application.
  2. Interested applicants will be sent a letter of invitation to attend the Volunteer Coordinating Committee meeting to give an oral presentation on their background and qualifications for the position they are seeking.   The presentation is not mandatory but should be limited to 5 minutes.
  3. At the beginning of the meeting, the chair of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee shall review the voting process with the applicants.  The applicant will then be allowed three minutes to give an oral presentation highlighting their qualifications and background for the position they are seeking. 
  4. The Volunteer Coordinating Committee may ask questions of the applicants.
  5. Upon conclusion of the presentations, a member of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee may nominate all applicants or individual candidates for the positions.  A motion will then be made to close the nominations.
  6. Each member of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee shall vote for a nominated candidate.  The Committee will follow the voting guidelines and rules as set forth under the Oregon Public Meeting laws.  (Voice vote, show of hands, or written ballots may be used.  If written ballots are used, the vote of each member will be announced.)
  7. If a candidate receives a majority of the votes of the members present, the name of this candidate shall be forwarded to the City Council for recommendation. 
  8. If a candidate does not receive a majority of the votes of the members present, the names of the two candidates receiving the most votes shall be voted upon in the second vote. 
  9. In the event of a tie vote during the second vote, the names of the two candidates shall be placed in a 'hat' and the chair of the committee shall draw the successful name.
  10. A member of the Committee shall then make a motion to recommend the successful applicant to the City Council for appointment to the position.
  11. Letters will be sent to all non-successful individuals thanking them for their interest and encouraging them to attend the committee meetings.
  12. Non-successful volunteer applicants will remain on file for one year and will be considered for any future openings on the committees of interest.





The concept of volunteerism is not new to the City of Keizer.  In fact, when the City was formed in 1982, volunteerism was considered the foundation from which the City would be developed.  Today, literally every facet of the City's operations is supported by a wide variety of volunteers just like you; people who want to get involved in helping our community and each other reach their full potential.


The very first committee created upon incorporation was the Appointment Commission. Its mission was to coordinate and promote volunteerism through the recruitment of citizens to serve on the various commissions, committees and task forces.  Abolished in 1984, the concept was resurrected by City Council resolution on July 15, 1991, with the creation of the Volunteer Coordinating Committee.  Each member of the Committee is a representative of a council member and serves a three-year term.


The Volunteer Coordinating Committee is responsible for:

  • Identifying functions and activities where volunteers can help the City;
  • Soliciting volunteers for City Commissions, Committees and Task Forces;
  • Soliciting volunteers for special projects and activities within the City;
  • Matching volunteers to needs within the City;
  • Recruitment, interviewing and recommendation of Commission, Committee or Task Force appointments to the Mayor and/or City Council;
  • Assisting in the training of volunteers; public relation items pertaining to the individual committees; and recognition of the volunteers for the City.



There is an expectation that a volunteer appointed to a commission, committee, or task force will attend at least 75% of all scheduled meetings.



Although commission, committee and task force appointments are limited, vacancies do occur.  The Mayor, City Council and the Volunteer Coordinating Committee are committed to diverse community representation.


When an appointment is required the Volunteer Coordinating Committee seeks out qualified applicants to recommend to the appointing authority (Mayor, City Council, or City Staff).  A variety of search methods, such as newsprint and radio advertisement, posters and flyers, public announcements at a variety of meetings, and, of course, word of mouth has been successfully utilized.


Past applications for all the available appointments are kept on file.  When time is short, and a diverse group of qualified applicants has previously applied for appointments, the Volunteer Coordinating Committee may make its recommendation to the appointing authority without seeking additional applicants.  This most often occurs in the appointment of task force or ad-hoc group membership.  For this reason citizens seeking appointment are encouraged to keep an application on file with the City, and to check occasionally with the Volunteer Coordinator or City Recorder on the status of their application.


To assist you in your understanding of what a commission, committee, or task force/ad-hoc group is the following definitions apply:

  • Commission:  A governmental body having administrative authority to accomplish its duties.  Example:  The Planning Commission.
  • Committee/Board:  A body of citizens delegated to consider, investigate, take action, or report on some matter.  Examples:  Budget Committee, Volunteer Coordinating Committee, Keizer Tomorrow Committee, and Parks Advisory Board
  • Task Force/Ad-Hoc Group:  A temporary grouping to accomplish a definite objective.  Examples:  Library, Tree Removal, and Cable TV.


Keizer City Council Committee Protocol

Committees appointed by the Keizer City Council will follow the following protocol:

  1. Committee decisions are to be made during scheduled meetings.
  2. All Committee meetings are open to the public and are required to receive public testimony.
  3. Keizer City Council and the Keizer City Manager must be given a full copy of all Committee meeting minutes.
  4. All Committee projects and/or recommendations must be approved by Keizer City Council manner, unless pre-approved limits have been set by the City Council:
    1. A plan, project, or recommendation will be formulated with information regarding any fiscal impact, neighborhood impact, etc.  This information should include possible resources and or solutions.
    2. This information will then be presented at a Keizer City Council meeting.
    3. Keizer City Council will determine if the plan, project, or recommendation is feasible and will direct the Keizer City Manager to implement.
    4. The Keizer City manager will in turn direct the appropriate staff to work on a recommendation to be returned to Keizer City Council in a timely manner.

Volunteers have become a very special part of the City of Keizer and we hope you will consider becoming part of our team.  For more information please call the City Recorder's office at 390-3700, extension 108.


The City of Keizer does not discriminate against any individual in regard to participation in programs offered on the basis of that individual's age, race, sex, creed, color, national origin, or physical challenge.


All committee, commissions, or ad-hoc/task force meetings are open to the public.  The Volunteer Coordinating Committee encourages interested citizens to attend.  For a calendar of meetings, please contact city hall at 503-390-3700 or check the website calendar on the "Community" page.


Thank you!!!


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